Lexington Woman hopes to 'pay it forward' after gas station glitch


    Christmas came early for Lindsey Starkey when she stopped for gas Tuesday night.

    "I got my tank full for 23 cents," Starkey tells WACH FOX News, "I thought it was part of a really cool special."

    Starkey pumped her gas and noticed both the sign and pump read the same numbers, one cent per gallon.

    "I do feel a little guilty because I realized it wasn’t an intentional price," Starkey explains.

    The shockingly cheap prices quickly attracted a flood of traffic to the West Columbia Circle K on Augusta Road.

    "In a matter of an hour, there were a lot of people there. My husband went up there and realized it was a glitch in the system."

    Circle K shut the pumps down and called in the West Columbia Police Department.

    "Obviously if they think they’re getting gas for a penny they got a little upset," says Assistant Chief Scott Morrison.

    According to Morris, officer didn't have any problems, despite the chaos.

    "We went inside and assisted the attendant there and tried to see what was going on. It was some type of malfunction with their system."

    Although a mistake, Starkey hopes to turn the glitch into something positive.

    "I do plan on paying it forward. I do feel blessed that I had that. So I do plan on using my tank of gas to pay it forward and do good for others."

    We’ve learned West Columbia wasn’t the only circle k in the country to experience the glitch. Reports and social media posts it also happened at gas stations in Memphis, Baton Rouge, and Albuquerque.

    We've reached out to Circle K's corporate office. We are still waiting to hear back.

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