"Lots of memories here" Their childhood home is now a renovation project, for good reason

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    A house in the Shandon neighborhood in Columbia is undergoing serious renovations after it was demolished in August, for good reason. The nearly century-old bungalow holds a special place in the hearts of two sisters. It's where they spent their childhood in the 1960's. Now, they're seeing it for the first time in a long time, stripped down to wood and wire.

    The Shandon bungalow was built in 1929, but was bought by The Moore Company two years ago. Through their first-ever "Flip and Give" project, the public can vote on design, then net proceeds from selling it will go to a charity of the community's choice. And now, they're halfway finished. But for the first time in awhile, Tina Tripp and Olivia Sniffin walked into what they call their old stomping grounds. What used to be filled with laughter and warmth is now filled with wooden frames and visible wires.

    Graeme Moore of The Moore Company says they've more than doubled the size of what the original house was. It's now 3,000 square feet with four bedrooms and three full bathrooms. But of course, before it was a project, it was a home. That's why for Tripp and Sniffin, there's so much more than what meets the eye.

    "Just beyond that wall there was the small breakfast room and out from there was the kitchen," Tripp said. "We had many meals. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, birthdays..."

    The sisters even recall when their sister got married in front of the treasured fireplace.

    "It was a very small home wedding. The reception was right there in the dining room," said Tripp and Sniffin.

    And as two decades worth of memories flood back into their minds, Tripp and Sniffin say they hope whoever lives here next will treasure it too.

    "I hope they build traditions like we did. We had so many Easter egg hunts in the front and back yard. I hope they make it a home. Just a home and not a show place," said Tripp.

    The Moore Company plans to hang a plaque somewhere in the front of the house with the words "Thelma's Porch", in honor of Thelma Richburg, who raised her children there. The house is expected to be complete by the end of January.

    The company has received more than 100 nominations for Midlands nonprofits to receive the net proceeds once the house sells. They've narrowed it down to five choices, and the winner will be announced November 27 on "Giving Tuesday". Right now, the public can vote on front door style, by clicking here.

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