Making music therapy available to all ears

Making music available to all ears

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- Julianne Peterson loves to sing and dance. Her moves aren't limited to her home; once a week, Julianne goes to music therapy at Key Changes Therapy Service.

"Our job is to make it so that the patient can be successful," says owner and board-certified music therapist Natalie Mullis.

Mullis says her job as a music therapist is to tailor each session to the patient and to make it engaging.

"I think it is a sound way to reinforce skills that special needs children need," says Julianne's grandmother, Darlene Cox.

Music Therapy has been utilized for decades to treat a wide range of conditions: from Autism to PTSD. However, in South Carolina, not all special needs children have access to Music Therapy. Medicaid only covers therapists with a license, and there is no licensing procedure in place in the Palmetto State.

The Music Therapy Practice Act is up for vote soon.

"This bill sets up the licensing process," says bill sponsor Sen. Joel Lourie. "You don't want just anyone to hang a sign on their door and say 'I'm a Music Therapist!'"

If the bill is approve, South Carolina will be one step closer to ensuring everyone has access to the sound of a safe and healthy tune.

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