Man finds possible human remains in Murrells Inlet while metal detecting

(Courtesy: Bryan Jarvis)

Editor's Note: The photos in the gallery may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

There was an unlikely discovery just off of the Murrells Inlet bike path Wednesday: human remains.

Bryan Jarvis was excited to finally get outside to enjoy one of his favorite past times before finding them.

"Metal detecting. It finally got cool enough that the bugs were gone, so I decided I'd go in the woods," said Jarvis.

Jarvis didn't know his trip into the woods would end in an investigation.

"I was-- I was really surprised," he said.

He normally wouldn't even be metal detecting in that area. He says he usually goes to Georgetown, but Murrells Inlet was calling him Wednesday and he ended up calling police after he found a skull, some bones, socks and shoes.

"People should just respect the crime scene for this evening. If there's tape there, don't go inside of it, but it shouldn't be a problem long term," said Jason Lesley, the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office spokesperson.

Some people walking by the crime scene wondered if it may be the remains of a man who wandered away from a retirement community in the area earlier this year.

"It's so early in the investigation, it's not something that we can say yet," said Lesley.

Jarvis headed home, and so did most of the investigators, but until the investigation is complete, that unlikely discovery will stay in the woods.

Lesley says while it is early in the investigation, if you do know of someone who may have been missing from the area for a while to give them a call.

There's not an exact amount of time investigations like this normally take, but the forensics lab will run DNA tests and see who or what the bones belonged to.

The Coroner's Office confirmed Thursday the remains are, in fact, human.

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