McMaster issues exec order to combat flow of illegal contraband

A prisoner sweeps the floor at the Jackson County Jail Tuesday. Because of budget cuts, the county will no longer rent jail beds from facilities in Northern Oregon to alleviate overcrowding. As a result, more criminals will be released early. - Mail Tribune / Jim Craven

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH)-- Gov. Henry McMaster issued an executive order Monday to combat the flow of illegal contraband into prisons.

The order will suspend procurement and human resource regulations for the Department of Corrections (SCDC) to combat the flow of illegal contraband into the prison system.

By waiving these regulations, the department can expedite efforts to recruit and retain correctional officers by increasing hiring salaries, adjusting existing salaries and removing overtime prohibitions and more.

The order will also help the department implement security measures along the fence lines and inside of the correctional facilities at a much quicker rate.

The SCDC recently began installing extended netting devices that rise above the exterior fences to stop illegal contraband from being thrown over fences as well as drones from being able to drop items.

"We believe this executive order gives Director Stirling the tools the department needs to properly compensate the brave men and women who serve our state as correctional officers," said Gov. Henry McMaster.

"This order will also allow the department to expedite important security measures following the unprecedented and premeditated gang violence that occurred at the Lee Correctional Facility, facilitated by the flow of illegal contraband, namely cell phones."

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