Midlands couple uses social media to help with adoptions

Columbia, S.C. (WACH) -- DJ and Ashley Hoover always knew that they wanted to become parents.

They met three years ago in May, and were married a year later. While their love flourished, it came in the midst of a very tough battle.

"I am a two time cancer survivor," said Ashley.

Ashley, an X-ray technician, was right on the tail end of her chemotherapy and treatment for breast cancer when she meet DJ, a SC highway patrolman.

Despite Ashley's battles, the couple wanted what any other couple wanted: a child.

But a visit to a fertility doctor confirmed their fears.

"The chemotherapy and the drugs they used to save my life had sent me into early menopause," said Ashley. "There was no reversing it. There were days when I was depressed and mad at the world. But [DJ] said, 'It's going to be alright.' And I thought, 'You know, we are.'"

A chance meeting with Quiver Full Adoptions at an adoption fair in Lexington set off a course of plans that would not only help DJ and Ashley, but help them help others.

"We talked about it, prayed over it, and we knew God had called us to this ministry," said Ashley.

The couple begin putting their story out there on social media and online.

While news of their story spread, they begin to not only get calls from expectant mothers interested in speaking with them about adoption, but other families interested in adding to their family as well.

"I felt like I was the only one in the world going through that," said Ashley. "But then I realize, I'm not. I'm not alone. And other families out there, they are not alone. They have support."

The adoptive process can be a very time-consuming and costly one; it can sometimes take months to years to get through the necessary paperwork and can cost up to thousands of dollars.

The Hoover's website personally connects expectant mothers to hopeful parents looking to adopt, and also provides a means of support for outside of more conventional methods.

Most importantly, it helps connects families with resources, from videos to services, to make the adoption process more seamless.

"She is the expectant mother," said DJ. "We need to care about her. Yes, there is the possibility the the child she is carrying may become ours. But we need to care about her first. And once we develop a relationship, that's when we move forward."

DJ and Ashley hold onto the hope that not only they will receive their child someday, but that others do as well.

You can find DJ and Ashley's website here, along with the Quiver Full Adoptions here.

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