Midlands family makes shocking discovery inside their flooded home


COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- A family who lost nearly everything in the floodwaters came home days later to something they call a sign from God.

After finding their home a loss with everything inside soaked and ruined, two things in the Pierce family's home were left dry and untouched, and it just happened to be the two things that meant the most to their family.

Cynthia pierce and her husband evacuated their home last week when the place they had lived for 27 years began to flood. The only items they were able to take quickly were a change of clothes, Cynthia's purse and her husband's medication. Soon after they left, their carport completely submerged under floodwater, and their home filled with more than five feet of water.

"Most of the furniture was overturned and completely wet and saturated," said Pierce.

She says they lost nearly everything, except for two very important things to them. Even though they came home to furniture upside down ruined from the flood water, her husband's Bible remained untouched upon the chair he had left it on.

"When we came back, it was dry.. so apparently that chair went up with the water and came right back down."

Pierce says she also had written a check to place in the offering that Sunday before the flooding began. Just like their Bible, the check was sitting on other items she planned on taking to church with her that sunday dry and untouched.

"The table that those items were on apparently went up with the water and came down because that was dry."

Since the flooding, the Pierce family has gutted their entire house, and like so many others, have set what was once everything they owned into a pile of debris.

Much of it was taken away on Monday as the family stood outside and watched.

"It is hard to watch it walk out the door and leave your life forever."

Even still, Pierce says those things are so minimal considering her family is alive, safe, blessed by strangers who have helped them pick up and move forward, and left with two things so important to them, to remind them they're not alone.

"God has been so precious to us, and he is walking with us through this, and we know that every day we are facing is not going to be easy, but we are clinging to our faith and our God."

The Pierce family says it will likely take months for them to rebuild, but in the meantime, they are staying with family, and with them is their Bible.

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