Midlands jail under scrutiny

Over the next few months, Alvin S. Glenn will be under close scrutiny by auditors after it was decided that several issues at the jail needed to be looked into. Among those issues are employee salaries, medical care, and mental health services.

I was able to catch up with Council member Seth Rose today, who told me why this audit is taking place and when the city can expect some answers.

"County council wanted to do a top to bottom review of the jail. We've set up a committee to review the operations of the facility." says Rose, a member of Richland County Council and a chairman of an ad hoc jail review committee.

Part of those operations include the salaries of some Alvin S. Glenn employees.

"You know, with our salaries right now, it's difficult to get a quality employee to not only come but then stay when they prove their metal. Our best employees at the facility are being taken by neighboring counties. Lexington county pays $8,000 more a year for the same position." explains Rose.

And the facility also has come under fire after one of its inmates was brutally beaten by a guard back in February.

"Incidents like that are never acceptable of any degree. We want to make sure it never happens again. And so we're really taking a fine tooth comb to look at the facility. To put some things in place to make sure that never happens again in Richland county." Rose states.

So when can we expect to get some answers from this audit?

"Currently the salary study is underway. We hope by mid-October to have the operation and management study ongoing. That's going to be a four month process. So we're looking at probably mid-February, March, to have this all wrapped up." concludes Rose.

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