Midlands man arrested after homicidal violence; Teen neighbor in shock


A Midlands man is in jail accused of murder after a nearly day-long search. Deputies arrested Kenneth Gleaton after fire crews found the body of 39-year-old Amanda Peele inside a burning home early Tuesday morning.

Kenneth Harris says he saw the flames early Tuesday from his home and ran to the house, hoping to wake somebody inside. The 17-year-old says he used to spend time with the children of Peele, who was found killed in her home.

"I was trying to help. If I could have helped, I would have helped her or something. I didn't think he would do nothing like that," says Harris.

Harris remembers things that could have been signs that something might go wrong. Peele's ex-boyfriend Kenneth Gleaton is facing murder charges in her death.

"He always used to have his little pistol. I already knew something was going on with them two but I didn't really know that was going to happen," says Harris.

A neighbor the teen once considered a friend is now facing serious charges in a situation he never thought he'd see.

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