Midlands Most Wanted: Sumter investigators still searching for who killed Kyle Eppling

Picture courtesy: Facebook/Nancy Eppling

Sergeant Wayne Dubose of the Sumter County Sheriff's Office has been looking for the person who killed 25- year-old Kyle Eppling since August 2012.

"People aren't coming forward there's someone out there who knows something," Sgt. DuBose said, adding, "He was out hanging around with friends that night and for whatever reason an individual came up and took his life."

Eppling and his friends were standing in the parking lot of the Oakland Plantation apartments in Sumter when someone shot him multiple times.

"He wasn't targeted. This was a random act of violence. Why? We don't have that answer right now," Sgt. DuBose explained.

Witnesses described the suspect as a dark-skinned male in dark clothing with his face covered. They were not able to give an estimated height or weight.

"Nobody has given us any information on who they think it might be," Sgt. DuBose said.

The suspected shooter ran away after they shot Eppling, but they could have had help escaping; just seconds later, witnesses heard a vehicle speed away from the scene.

The motive is unclear since Kyle Eppling did not have any ties to gang or illegal activities. He also worked in a local manufacturing plant and was known for being a good baseball player.

According to Sgt. Dubose, Eppling's friends raved about him.

"All his friends I've talked to described how easy going of a guy he was. They had no reason to believe someone would do something like this to him."

Authorities believe someone with connections to the apartment complex could provide crucial information.

"Someone out there somewhere--they know what happened. They know the individuals responsible for it, and it's just a matter of them coming forward."

The Sumter County Sheriff's Office stresses people can remain anonymous if they have any information crucial to this case; to give a tip on the killing of Kyle Eppling, call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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