Midlands teacher wins national competition to help STEM students


Orangeburg, S.C. (WACH)-- A Midlands teacher has earned some national recognition for her love for science.

Onizie Isa is the Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School Teacher of the Year and this week she has earned yet another impressive title.

Isa won the Science Everywhere competition which is a national competition among teachers across the county. The educators have to create a project that will help students learn math and science outside of the classroom.

She was one of the only five in the nation to win this award as well as the only teacher in South Carolina.

Isa’s project allowed students to shadow professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathmetics fields.

During the process students researched the job, educational requirements and its impact on society.

One of the students that participated in Isa’s project was Shanya Green. Green says the project helped her realized that she wanted to be a pharmacologist. It also inspired her as a feminist being that pharmacology is a male dominated field.

"Because I actually know a woman. It encouraged me because I know it's possible. Like if I didn't shadow then I would be a lot more scared. But now that I know that there's actually somebody who does the career field that I want to do. I see that it can happen and it's not impossible."

As a winner of the competition Isa also received $5,000 that will go towards helping students and teachers have classroom resources and supplies.

Isa plans to implement the same program during the upcoming spring semester.

Through the challenge, teachers received match funding from Overdeck Family Foundation and the Simons Foundation to support creative, hands-on projects.

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