Midlands woman home renovated 2 years after historic flood


This week marks two years since the historic flooding hit South Carolina.

After the devastation, thousands were left homeless or to salvage whatever they could after the severe water damage.

Lou Alice James is one of the many flood victims still recovering from the 2015 floods. She lost just about everything she owned.

James home caved in and collapsed during the flood and had water rushing through. Due to the damage as well as the mold that accumulated it became an unsafe unsanitary environment for her to stay in.

Now James' luck is turning around. The Midlands Flood Coalition is renovating her entire home inside and out.

This will be the 200 home that the group has fixed throughout the state since the floods.

"We're in this for the long haul. We're here to walk with them hand in hand through this process. And we will stay until we can get every home rebuilt." said Rachel Pettit, SBP South Carolina.

The group says there still are at least 600 Midlands families that are displaced and nearly 1000 people on the waiting list to get their homes fixed.

More funding is still needed by the Midlands Flood Coalition, in order to complete this project and continue providing renovations for families with flood damaged homes. For more information click here.

Also this week.

The Oliver Gospel Mission received a truck load of furniture thanks to Lazy Boy as part of the company's bi-annual trade sell, collecting donations and gently used furniture for charity.


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