VIDEO: Military dad surprises daughter after return from deployment

Military dad surprises daughter after return from deployment. (WACH)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) - A Midlands second-grader was in for a surprise during her school's field fay Friday.

Zoe Thompson was having a good day when she thought that her class would be on television playing games and doing exercises. But her good day turned into the best day ever when she looked up to see that she would be on TV because her father was returning home from deployment.

Joseph Thomas, who is a U.S. Army Marshall, says he had not seen his daughter in over a year due to his deployment in Afghanistan, but looking at pictures of Zoe helped motivate him throughout his deployment.

Friday was filled with love and cheers as the two reunited and the warrior's "soft side" was pulled out by his daughter's outpouring of love and excitement.

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