Mold remediation training for 2015 flood victims


Lou James wasn't home when the flood hit South Carolina October 2015. But she remembers returning home like it was yesterday.

The moisture in her house quickly turned into mold.

"I scrubbed it and the next day it would be right back," James says.

James lived in her of home fifty years for three months after the flood. The mold quickly lead to health concerns and affecting her breathing. Her doctor told her to get out.

James is one of nearly a thousand residents in the Midlands who are still recovering from the 2015 flood. It's left severe cases of mold behind.

The St. Bernard Project and United Way of the Midlands are teaming up to provide mold remediation training to rebuild and prepare.

"There are tools and materials that you can purchase from your local Home Depot for not a large cost and then you can fix it yourself and make your home safe," SBP Operations Manager Leah Cossette says.

SBP is in the process of helping James rebuild her home, as well as reaching out to other uninsured homeowners impacted from the flood.

"Your friends, your neighbors and community members are still in need and there are lots of things you can do to help out," Cossette says.

To find when the next training sessions are, see the St. Bernard Project or United Way of the Midlands.

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