National Mammography Day brings Breast Cancer awareness


You may have noticed that our "Good Day Columbia" Traffic & Lifestyle Reporter Natalie Parsons has been wearing a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer awareness since October 1.

Palmetto Health's Dr. Yolanda Mines came on the morning show to speak about how October 20 is named "National Mammography Day" and the importance of taking preventative measures.

She says that 1 in every 8 women is diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it's estimated that in 2017 about 250,000 news cases will be detected.

Mines adds that with mammography and early screening there's a 90% five year survival rate so it is very important that women as early as in their twenties have breast cancer assessments.

For more information about Breast Cancer, dense breast and the education opportunities to learn more about prevention, view the full interview above or head over to the Palmetto Health Breast Center website.

President Bill Clinton proclaimed the first "National Mammography Day" back in 1993.

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