National Pi Day can get saucy and cheesy!


It's National Pi Day but not the kind that you eat.

The third month and fourteenth day of the year celebrates the mathematical constant "Pi."

People recognize the first three digits: 3.14.

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

Pizza locations often offer discounts to celebrate their circular foods or you can eat an actual slice of pie to recognize the day.

Good Day Columbia wants to give a BIG thank you to Firenza Pizza Lexington for giving the morning show some Pepperoni and Monterey pizzas in celebration of the day.

If you stop by the location on Wednesday, March 14, you can purchase a pizza pie for $3.14.

You can also check out Za's on Devine and Zpizza in Columbia.

For more information about these pizzerias, please be sure to view the Firenza Pizza Lexington, Za's On Devine and Zpizza "Food Friday" segment.

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