Neighbors on edge in Rosewood area after woman found dead inside her home

Neighbors on edge in Rosewood area after woman found dead inside her home

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- Leslie Peters lives on Huntington Avenue in the Rosewood Community.

Right now, she’s on edge after a neighbor found a body inside a house just a few doors down from her home. “I don’t know too many people in the neighborhood but it hit hope when I realized it was someone I did know,” Peters said.“ “I know that crime happens everywhere, but I figured this was a relatively safe part of the neighborhood.”

Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook said they got the call around 8:30 Thursday morning about a possible break-in. Neighbors said this comes as a shock in a place where everyone knows their neighbor. “We're obviously treating that death as suspicious at this time,” Holbrook said. “We're interviewing some neighbors some family members and trying to gather some facts.”

As detectives continue their investigation, Peters hopes surveillance video from her home can help police break the case. “I’d see her walking her dog down the street, and she always made a point to say hi, and she was the person when I first moved in who told me to lock my doors, make sure my gate is locked,” Peters said.

Right now, investigators are asking anyone who may have seen or heard something to contact CrimeStoppers. You can find that information by clicking here. “I’m thinking of the family,” Peters said. “I am thinking of everyone involved and this couldn’t have happened to a sweeter lady so I really feel for her family.”

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