Nichols man stays put despite home being flooded

Nichols man stays put despite home being flooded

NICHOLS, SC (WACH) --- A 45-minute chopper ride from Columbia shows the damage left by Hurricane Florence in areas near the Pee Dee River. Despite that danger, Wayne Metz is staying put.

Metz has already been flooded from his home and now relies on the pee dee river as a place to bathe. “I have a towel, I go to the river everyday, afternoon evening time when its warm, jump in there get clean, come back out, clothes let my clothes hang out and dry,” Metz said.

Right now, about 2,200 soldiers, airmen, and state guard personnel are helping on day thirteen of the Florence response effort. "Our helicopters assisted the department of transportation and some of those individuals that know how to do modeling how to look at those charts and graphs where projection models might show water will be impacted," LTC. Cindy King with the South Carolina National Guard said.

State officials are monitoring flooded areas like Georgetown, Conway, and Nichols. Where Metz is living off the land. These regions also took a major hit two years ago during Hurricane Matthew.

Right now, several homes, cars, and businesses near Metz are completely under water. Leaving people to take refuge without power, clean water or food. “It ain’t home but its close enough to it if you spend any times outdoor this is actually a luxury,” Metz said. “I survived the hurricane, if the good lord is willing I am still here, that's a blessing all by itself.”

The helicopters used for the flyover allowed state officials to get an overview of how much assistance is needed and where. Officials were able to gather information from flyovers like this one to close nearly 200 roads in the state. "Just as we see in an emergency," King said. "It’s still their choice and we hope they will continue to listen and all of these will maintain to be assisting in evacuations and not rescues.”

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