One organization in Gadsden, SC helps kids to handle and overcome bullying in school

    One organization in Gadsden, SC helps kids to handle and overcome bullying in school<p>{/p}

    COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- As summer winds down and the start of school is right around the corner, one organization has been hard at work to help kids who may face what has become a common challenge for young students.

    “Children get bullied all the time. The question is what do they do? Who’s listening? Who cares? I want them to know that WATA cares, we’re listening and we’re here for our youth,” says Beverly Sims Morris.

    Based in Gadsden, SC, WATA, women-against-teen-abuse was founded by Beverly Sims Morris.

    The New York native says she was sexually abused as a teen and now she works to make sure children never have to deal with the trauma or abuse.

    “What we’re doing here, is that we’re teaching them to be leaders. we’re teaching them that they are conquerors. We’re teaching them that they’re strong. we’re teaching them that they can dream again. teaching them that “I am somebody, I will be somebody.”

    ‘Miss B’, as the kids and parents like to call her, looks to build confidence and teach children to be leaders. The children have also spent the summer improving their writing and math skills, been on field trips and listened to professionals in various fields, like our own Corey Miller, who want to prepare them for the future.

    One parent says, “Miss B teaches real life. Whether it be bullying or proper manners at the dining room table.”

    Another parent also shared, “Giving this small community exposure and experience, especially our children exposure and experience that they may not get elsewhere is irreplaceable."

    According to Morris, kids and young people really to someone they can talk to and share with. “We all need a comfort zone. To be able to tell someone our story, to tell someone we’re hurting, to find trust even when we can’t take it home.”

    For more information on how you could volunteer or help in anyway, log onto their website at

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