Orangeburg disabled veteran, assaulted and robbed at home.


ORNAGEBURG. S.C. (WACH)--According to the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department, two Orangeburg men are facing several charges in connection with an attempted robbery.

Samir Brown, 22, and Jarrah Dixon, 22, assaulted a disabled Orangeburg veteran with his own walker after they broke into his home around 7 a.m. Sunday.

“Every citizen has the right to enjoy the privacy and security of their own home,” Sheriff Ravenell said . “These two individuals decided they were more important than this man’s right to the comforts and safety of his home.”

The veteran said that Brown and Dixon presented a gun and took his cash and bank card from him.

Investigators say, after searching the area, deputies located one suspect nearby and he admitted to being in the house.

According to reports, in a brief interview Dixon suggested the two go to the veteran’s house to get money. Brown decided to wear a bed sheet during the robbery since he knew the veteran.

Both men were charged with first-degree assault, first-degree burglary, and possession of a weapon during a crime.

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