Parking ordinance sparks online debate among Irmo residents


IRMO, SC (WACH)-- Parking problems are causing a lot of confusion for people who live in the town of Irmo.

As of July 18, a new law was put in place saying it is illegal for people to park a car in their front yard.

Beginning February 1, if a car is parked in the front yard and not in the driveway, homeowners can be charged a large fee according to an ordinance by the town of Irmo.

The ordinance states that residents have a six month education time frame allowing them to move vehicles from the front to the side yard. Residents will then have a additional six months to prepare designated parking areas inside yards.

Residents are upset because many of their driveways are simply too small for more than three cars to fit.

Many have taken their opinions to a community Facebook group to debate the issue, suggesting street parking be allowed outside of business hours.

Some say they believe front yard parking should be allowed to encourage safety on the street. If people are parked on the street it will be very difficult for cars to speed through the neighborhood without possibly hitting a parked vehicle.

The online discussions have sparked a special town hall meeting scheduled for Thursday night.

The meeting is open to the pubic and starts at 7 p.m.

People who live in Irmo are encouraged to attend and make their voices heard.

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