Pitbull found shot dead in woods by neighbors


KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WACH) - The connection goes beyond the breed, but that connection is now lost.

Juanita Prince said the search for her missing Pitbull “Gator" started in October after he vanished from her yard on Meadowview Lane in Kershaw County. "We started going up and down the road and started looking for him,” Prince said. “We talked to some people."

After missing fliers were posted, a neighbor found gator's body in the woods between two houses. "We were given a call that said they believed our dog was in a neighbor's yard,” Prince said. “I could not go, my boyfriend did, and he had a single gunshot wound to his stomach." They found Gator about a half a mile from where they live.

According to neighbors, this is not a new issue for this small community. In a group on Facebook, Andrew Harris posted the same thing happened to their family Pitbull.

In February, he said someone went into his parent's yard, stealing their dog. They later found her dead with a gunshot wound to the head. "He had on a bright red collar, a flea collar, and he was right on the edge of their property,” Prince said. “And they had smelled him for probably a week."

Pictures are all that remain, as the search for clues continues. Clues they hope will bring justice for Gator. “He suffered,” Prince said. “He suffered, and no one said a word.”

The Kershaw County Sheriff said he is aware of the incident but said these issues are handled by the County Animal Control office. We are still waiting for a response about the case from that agency.

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