Tips to not gain winter weight with Workout Anytime


For many people, the fall is their favorite time of year for pumpkin spice everything, Halloween candy or all the holiday food that is to come.

Lots of food, lots of calories and the colder weather can cause some to resort to a comfy couch instead of going to the gym and that's exactly why they call it "winter weight."

Workout Anytime in Camden, S.C. stopped by the WACH FOX studios for "Good Day Columbia" to give us some tips on how to keep that beach bod year-round.

General Manager Natalie Smith and Personal Trainer Director Michael Williams show us Bicep Curls, Shoulder Lateral Raises and Lunges.

Williams says don't skip out on the gym even though it may be very tempting.

Also, be wary of the "three demons" known as salt, fats and sugar which Williams says are more abundant this time of year.

For more information about staying in shape this winter be sure to view the video above or contact Workout Anytime Camden.

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