Rep. Norman says Democrats are responsible for government shutdown

(Source: U.S. House of Representatives website)

Representative Ralph Norman issued a statement on Saturday in response to the partial government shutdown.

His statement reads:

"Late last night, the Democrats succeeded with their plan to force a government shutdown. They are one-hundred percent responsible for this shutdown. Only 6 Democrats in the House and 5 Democrats in the Senate voted against shutting the government down. 60 votes were needed in the Senate to pass this funding bill.
The Democrats are so blinded by their hatred for our President that that turned their backs on funding the government, paying our troops, and extending health insurance programs that cover nearly 9 million children nationwide – each of these policies that most Democrats have consistently voted for and supported over the years.
The fact is, there was not a single item in the spending bill that passed the House that the Democrats oppose. It is unconscionable that Democrats are holding constituents of the 5th District who rely on vital government services hostage for the sake of political posturing.
Over the next few days, and for however long the government is shut down, my offices in Washington and in the 5th district will remain open and fully functioning. Each member of my dedicated staff has agreed to work their normal hours without pay throughout the shutdown. We will continue to provide the services that are required by our constituents and encourage them to contact one of our offices if they need anything.”

Rep. Norman (SC-05) released a follow-up statement later in the day, forfeiting his pay during the shutdown. Rep. Norman believes Democratic senators are using military troops as "political pawns."

“Democrats have used our troops as political pawns and I find it reprehensible that any Member of Congress would accept pay while our troops are not guaranteed the same.”

Rep. Norman joins Rep. Joe Wilson in responding to the shutdown, as well as forfeiting pay.

Rep. Norman represents the 5th Congressional district, which includes part of the Midlands.

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