Residents could get a thousand dollar fine for leaving trash cans curbside


COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) -- Those living in Richland County could face a hefty fine if they fail to keep an eye on their trash cans.

Residents living in the Emerald Valley neighborhood near Spotswood Drive received letters in their mailbox last week warning them against leaving their trash carts on the curb past 7:30 p.m. on the day of collection.

Failure to obey could result in a citation to appear in court and a fine of $1,092.50.

One resident, Tyrone Suber, says he felt the fee was unnecessarily high.

"I was flabbergasted; I was surprised," said Suber. "Because I think that's just excessive."

Another resident, Kenneth Spann, says he rarely sees anyone leaving their trash carts on the curb, and that he was unaware of the law.

"I take up my trash can up every day anyway but it was surprising to know that they were going to fine you if you didn't take it in," said Spann.

The letters were delivered from the Richland County Solid Waste & Recycling Department, and stated that the department had "received several requests that the roll carts were not being removed on the day of collection".

A representative with the Richland County Ombudsman's Office told WACH FOX News that the law has been on the books for about 12 years.

Typically, an initial warning is given and failure to comply - or repeated warnings given to a single residence - results in the citation.

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