Richland, Orangeburg Co.'s open up high schools as shelter for hurricane evacuees

    Richland Co. opens up high school as a shelter for hurricane evacuees<p>{/p}

    COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) – Richland County and the America Red Cross have partnered together to open Ridge View High School as a shelter for coastal evacuees, according to the County.

    The shelter will open at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 11, but won’t accept pets. However, Richland County is making plans to accommodate evacuees that come with domesticated animals.

    The county is currently operating under OPCON Level 3, which indicates an emergency situation is likely or imminent, with partial activation of the Emergency Operation Center.

    Richland County is also assisting with medical evacuations from the coast. Members of the Emergency Medical Services Division are taking part in medical evacuations by transporting patients from coastal regions to other facilities.

    Public Works and Operational Services employees in the county are also mobilizing efforts to mitigate flooding threats and other damage, particularly in low lying areas of the county that are prone to flooding and the accumulation of storm-related debris.

    Orangeburg County has also announced they are opening multiple schools to be used as evacuee shelters.

    Orangeburg-Wilkinson High, Lake Marion High, Branchville High and Hunter Kinard Tyler High and Elementary all opened up at 2 p.m. Tuesday to house hurricane evacuees.

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