Richland County adult oriented club looking to relocate

Two adult-oriented businesses in Richland County are looking to move due to zoning regulations.

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WACH) â?? Two adult-oriented businesses in Richland County are looking to move due to zoning regulations.

According to Richland County Councilman, Seth Rose, Heartbreakers and a lingere shop that sits next to it has been operating illegally for many years.

Both businesses are located in a highly visible area off of Bush River Road, and Rose tells WACH Fox theyâ??re an â??eye soreâ?? to the community.

â??I was constantly being told that there was frustration,â?? said Rose. â??The county had not sought to enforce our ordinance against these clubs,â?? said Rose.

The ordinance the 5th district councilman refers to dictates how far a sexually oriented business has to be from a neighborhood, church, school, or park. Both businesses are located near neighborhoods, and even a church sits across the street.

â??I promised when I took office as the councilman of this area, that I would seek to have it enforced,â?? said Rose.

Councilman Rose is in his first term, and says he is excited to have kept his promise to the district he represents.

According to a statement from Harry Heizer, Heartbreakersâ?? attorney, the club will be closing up shop on March 8, 2014.

â??Iâ??m excited to have come this point,â?? added Rose. â??Hopefully Iâ??m going to find out when the signs are going down because I want to be there to see it.â??

The owner of Heartbreakers will relocate the club to Lexington County, in an area where it is legal to operate a sexually oriented business.

Initially, the owner wanted to move the night club near Williams Brice Stadium, but Richland County Council shot down that idea after learning the impact a club like Heartbreakers could have on both the economy and USCâ??s football program.

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