Safety tips when under an air quality alert

Safety tips when under an air quality alert

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)-- Fighting off the heat is typical at this time of year but the battle can be extra hard for some people.

Wednesday, DHEC issued an air quality alert between 10 a-m and 8 p-m. Those most at risk for getting sick were small children, older adults and people with respiratory problems. And because it's likely there will be more alerts this summer health officials have these tips:

- Try to avoid cutting grass and refueling your cars in the middle of the day.

- Set your inside a/c to a higher temperature so it’s not running all day.

- Avoid staying out for long periods of times.

- Try not to exercise outside or near high traffic.

- Don't smoke or burn yard debris near your house.

Also stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

You can find more safety tips by clicking here.

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