Sally R. Brasley Foundation collects donations for hurricane Harvey victims


COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) ---More than a month after hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area, people in the Midlands are still trying to do some good.

An effort that has been years in the making will now help flood victims that organizers have never met. The mission continues for the Sally R. Brasley Foundation as they accept donations from the community. Roger Brasley, the foundation’s founder, said he remembers his grandmother helping a lot of people while she was alive. "I would just like to carry on that legacy of just being a help to everyone you possibly can," Brasley said.

On Friday the group will take the 14-hour drive to meet organizations in Houston to deliver supplies to hurricane Harvey victims. "We have a lot of pieces from Ethan Allen,” Brasley said. “We still have some of the furniture left from the Holiday Inn in Hilton Head that donated the hundreds of rooms of furniture to us."

The foundation has had donations from the community piling up since 2015. Now they're taking on even more for this new effort. "We're just so grateful,” Brasley said. “Because God is really moving in the midst of what we are doing." The idea came after helping victims devastated by the 2015 flooding in Columbia and the mission just never stopped, but it opens opportunities for others looking to help." Ken Wagner, Midlands Regional Reentry Coordinator with the South Carolina Department of Corrections, said it gives a second chance.

About 20 men on parole and their supervisors are lending a helping hand. "They have in some way or another wronged the community,” Wagner said. “And so this is an opportunity for them to give back through volunteer services." Whether it's time or commitment, the effort is clear to continue giving back. "We have a lot of brand new items,” Brasley said. “We’re going to pack all we can on the trucks, and we're going to take it, and we are going to be a blessing."

If you would like to donate to the Sally R Foundation, you can send them an email at

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