Samsung joining Harvest Hope Food Bank team to help veterans


Samsung Electronics America and Harvest Hope Food Bank are teaming up to help veterans and others across the state. Samsung Executive Vice President Joe Stinziano announced a new partnership to rejuvenate the "Pack 2 Feed" program for veterans.

The program provides boxes of a week's worth of shelf stable food for every veteran. Samsung is donating 1,000 of those boxes.

"Not everything is donated and that's a faith walk commitment every day to make sure we have enough supplies," says Harvest Hope CEO Denise Holland.

Holland says there are more than 80,000 veterans in the Midlands alone. One instance reminds her of the importance of helping veterans in need.

"A man would walk around back and tell me very quietly he said 'I'm homeless, I'm a veteran. I fought for my country and I fought for myself and I need food'," says Holland.

On top of the 1,000 Pack 2 Feed boxes, Samsung also made a surprise donation of $20,000 for the effort.

"Unfortunately with Maria out in the Atlantic we'll need more support here in terms of disaster recovery," says Stinziano.

Fundraising for additional Pack 2 Feed veterans food boxes began Wednesday with a goal to hand out boxes on Veteran's Day in November. Holland says it only costs $10 to sponsor a box, which will feed a veteran for one week. Join the Pack 2 Feed for veterans effort by clicking here.

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