SC Forestry Commission sends 14 firefighters to battle western wildfires


In response to the U.S. Forest Service's dire need of assistance with the wildfires in the western states, a group of firefighters are being set to help battle the fires.

The South Carolina Forestry Commission has sent 14 wildland firefighters to join crews to battle wildfires in California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

Some of them are either en route or have already arrived to their locations to work their assignments that fall under a wide range of duties including, heavy equipment bosses, tractor plow operation, public information officers, and resource unit leaders among others.

Regardless of their home state or agency, all certified firefighters and trained personnel are under the same framework so that they can fall in seamlessly of any incident.

Because the western and southern fire seasons do not generally overlap, it is customary for Southern state forestry agencies to send its wildland fire personnel on western assignments when requested.

These deployments are great training opportunities for those who go on what are typically two-week assignments, said SCFC Protection Chief Darryl Jones.

"All of our IMT personnel and all of our firefighters undergo regular training for exactly these kinds of special assignments," he said. "Not only do they provide much-needed help, but they also bring that valuable ICS experience with them back to South Carolina."

The Forestry Commission does not release the names of any of its deployed personnel for security reasons, namely protection of their identities and those of their families however we thank each and everyone for their services.

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