SC Red Cross volunteer helping out at Carr Fire in California

Myrtle Beach native, Roger Keally, volunteered to deploy to California to assist with relief efforts at the Carr Fire.

The South Carolina Red Cross has four volunteers assisting with relief efforts in California where several fires are burning.

"If I was at home watching this on TV, I would regret not being out here doing what I can to help," Roger Keally told WACH FOX News.

When asked why he volunteered to go, Keally answered, "Because I love helping people."

Right now, the Myrtle Beach native is staying in Redding while he helps with aid at the Carr Fire.

"My commute every day is about 45 miles. I describe it as driving through the heart of the fires so to speak," Keally says, "Devastating fires; I saw some homes that were burnt. Smoke is pretty thick sometimes and the visibility is only a half mile, quarer mile in some places."

Keally works in Government Operations and he makes sure everything runs smoothly at relief centers.

"One of my roles is to monitor the shelters and to make sure the shelters are helping the people the way they should. They lost their homes; they're not sure how they're going to recover," he explains, "The biggest challenge is that the roads are closed so a lot of them can't get back to their homes, even if they're not destroyed."

Keally is scheduled to be in California for another week and a half. For more information on the South Carolina Red Cross and how you can help, click here.

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