SCDMV releases images of REAL ID

real id.jpg

Blythewood, S.C. (WACH) -- REAL IDs will begin appearing as early as the first three weeks of January, but many are still questioning what exactly the changes will look like.

The SCDMV released images to give a better idea of what those changes will physically look like.

The REAL ID will have the presence of a gold star and the absence of a phrase: "Not for Federal Identification", which will be present on the non-compliant IDs.

The state's new REAL IDs will be required to go through security at airports, enter federal buildings or visit military installations. However, they are not a required purchase if a resident has a valid passport or some other federally approved identification.

The changes to the state ID were made in compliance with the 2005 Real ID Act. The switch to the new requirements goes into effect October 1, 2020.

Officials with the SCDMV released a statement to WACH FOX saying:

We have incorporated innovative security features that make these more difficult for criminals to duplicate.

The SCDMV made the decision to release the images of the new driver's licenses and identification cards now because it recognizes the importance of being able to show customers exactly what they can expect in the future. By showing customers that a REAL ID will have a gold star and a card that's non-compliant will say "Not for Federal Identification", we're able to give them a tangible product that may help them make the best decision to suit their needs."

To change your card to a real ID, the following documents are required:

*Proof of Social Security Number

*Proof of Identity (Government-issued birth certificate or valid U.S. passport)

*Two proofs of current S.C. address

*Proof of all legal name changes

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