SCE&G releasing water from Lake Murray in anticipation of possible hurricane threat

Lake Murray.jpg

CAYCE, S.C. (WACH)-- In anticipation of Hurricane Irma potential impact on South Carolina, SCE&G is taking steps to manage Lake Murray's water levels.

The lake is currently at elevation 356,2 feet and SCE&G is has begun operating its Saluda Hydroelectric generating plant, which releases water from the lake into the Lower Saluda River.

Area residents and recreational lake users are advised to use caution as lake levels an river flows could continue to fluctuate before, during and after the storm's potential impact.

“We will continue to monitor the storm’s potential path and impact on Lake Murray throughout the storm, and we’ll adjust as necessary,” said Jim Landreth, SCE&G’s Vice President of Fossil Hydro Operations.

SCE&G encourages customers to look for storm updates and safety tips on the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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