SCEMD officials warn people to begin preparing for winter weather

    SCEMD officials warn people to begin preparing for winter weather <p>{/p}

    COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) --- South Carolina Emergency Management officials are advising people to prepare for winter weather early. During the winter months temperatures could drop to the low 30's and freezing ice could create problems for power lines, interstates, and roadways. “We can’t change what the weather will bring to South Carolina but we can prepare for that,” Maj. Gen. Van McCarty with the SC National Guard said. “Prepare an emergency response plan, make sure you have the adequate supplies that you may need in your home flashlights, batteries, radios, maybe some water.”

    Andy Leaphart with the South Carolina Department of Transportation said they have more than 55,000 pounds of salt and more than 600 plow trucks already on hand awaiting possible spreading. “As we know an event is coming we will begin pre-treating our bridges and our known trouble spots,” Leaphart said. “We stress folks when these events occur to only travel when absolutely necessary.”

    As the winter months approach, officials said this winter season is expected to be cooler and wetter than normal. Which could mean a higher chance for winter weather. “Having three days of food and water and not just for this event but any event certainly in a winter weather situation roads may be blocked you may not have electricity,” Kim Stenson with the SCEMD said. “We typically expect severe winter weather more so in January and February but we can get it as early as December.”

    Officials hope people will prepare early and for the worst. “It really comes down to you, the individuals of the state of South Carolina to make those necessary preparations so that you can be prepared to do your part," McCarthy said. “

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