Senator Jake Knotts clouded in controversy

Knotts calling President Obama and Rep. Haley ragheads.

State Senator Jake Knotts appears to be lying low, after making an appearance on a web show and using a racial slur to describe the President and a State Representative. On Thursday, Senator Knotts showed up unannounced on a political web show, called Pub Politics. During the broadcast, Knotts freely expressed his opinion regarding President Obama and State Representative Nikki Haley; calling both ragheads.

"Certainly things like racial comments should be off limits," said USC Political Professor Bob Oldendick.

Despite the negative comment, Oldendick says this might put Haley in a positive political position.

"I think if it has any impact, that's going to give her a little bit of a sympathy vote," said Oldendick.

Knotts released a state Thursday saying the comment was "intended in jest." But the issue is no laughing matter to some locals.

"If you've been in politics that long you ought to know when to say what you're going to say," said Midlands resident Austin White. "And you have to keep an eye on what you're going to say and not affend people."

"To disrespect somebody--no matter what they do--it's just not right," said another Midlands resident.

Also pointing out what's wrong with the comment, is Governor Mark Sanford who's been clouded with his own controversy.

"Given my own well-chronicled failures, I'm not going to suggest any course of action for anybody else," said SC Governor Mark Sanford. "I would say I'm a Republican. And I would say there is no room for bigotry, for intolerance of others."

"The comments made by Senator Knotts, I think everybody kind of recognizes they were over the line," said Oldendick.

But Bob Oldendick says although Knotts is on the political hot seat, with time things should cool off.

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