Service dog a lifeline for Columbia family

    Jackson Gilfillan (left), and Isabella Gilfillan play with their service dog Max Friday in their Columbia home.

    Columbia, (WACH) - Jackson and Isabella Gilfillan are enjoying their new 12-week-old black lab Max, but he's no ordinary dog.Heâ??s a lifeline for these children both diagnosed with type one diabetes.

    "Because of the superior nose he has, he's able to smell their blood sugars, when they go high and when they go low," said trainer Cheri Campbell.

    "When you go high it's a real sweet smell, when you go low it's a real acetone smell, almost like fingernail polish."

    Campbell's company, Guardian Angel Service Dogs, delivered Max to the Gilfillan family Thursday, and after one night max knew what to do when 9-year-old Isabellaâ??s blood sugar got too low.

    "I was at 59, and my parents didn't know it, and I didn't know it, because I was asleep, and he barked,â?? said Isabella.

    "The dogs are better than any meter reading, pump device out there, a lot of times you'll get a bad reading," adds Campbell.

    Max will be keeping watch on both children, but she says he's ready for the challenge, and the Gilfillans are ready for the companionship.

    "He's doing good! I really like him very much," adds Jackson.

    An extraordinary animal giving peace of mind, companionship and protection to this family.

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