Sheriff: 'Crime not only in one particular area, it's widespread'

Sheriff: 'Crime not only in one particular area, it's widespread'

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - After announcing 35 homicides in Richland County, Sheriff Leon Lott said the 29203 zip code is not the only area in Richland County experiencing crime. Lott said it's widespread throughout the Midlands.

Business owners and people who live in the 29206 area code near Decker Boulevard say the crime is affecting their area as well.

"I can watch Live PD and I can see them right here on Decker Boulevard," said a resident who wants to remain anonymous. "We see shootings across the street. You don't really go out. My mother used to sit on the front porch. She doesn't do that because it's getting so rampant out there".

Business owners in the area told WACH Fox News off camera about stories of being robbed and closing before nightfall.

"Now you lock your doors, double deadbolt them, and everything else because people don't have regard for other people," added the man.

Much like law enforcement, people who live in the area want to know how to make things better.

"Leon Lott is doing a lot by the police presence, plus he's trying to interact with the community, but until it starts at home, it's not going to stop," the man said.

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