Social media movement threatens lives of Pit Bulls in the Midlands


If you are a Pit Bull owner, you should be on the alert due to a social media movement threatening the breed's very existence.

The #pitbulldropoff is being used by those expressing their disgust in the "bully breed."

Some people are even taking it as far as patrolling their towns or searching the internet for dogs just to viciously kill them or bring them to a kill shelter.

WACH FOX spoke with Columbia Animal Services who is outraged by this new trend and hopes it's just a phase.

"It's sort of alarming to see people think that the need to start killing pit bulls for no apparent reason particularly if there's been no behavior of the animal to determine that it may be a threat to the community.

If someone truly believes that a pet is a threat to the community then they should take it to their local shelter and let it be dealt with appropriately there if needed," says the shelter's Superintendent Marli Drum

Columbia Animal Services says if a person is found killing pit bulls they will be charged with "cruelty to animals and could serve time behind bars.

For more information about the hashtag and movement please view the gallery above and FULL interview with Marli Drum to find out how you can keep your Pit Bull safe.

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