South Carolinians feel 'trashy' with littery roads in the Midlands


    A viewer contacted WACH FOX NEWS with a question: Why is the Midlands so trashy?

    She says she has called lawmakers and local council members to fix the littering problem but she keeps seeing more and more of it.

    Our Morning Traffic Reporter Natalie Parsons finds out what people can do to help out.

    From beer cans to paper to bags and more, it's all trash lining I-20, I-26, I-77 and local roads like Two Notch Road in Columbia, S.C.

    Jean Griggs says it's only getting worse.

    "Over the last few months, I've noticed the litter is still on the side of the road. It doesn't get picked up and I just there's a solution for this," explains the concerned resident.

    Contrary to what you may think, if you come across an area that can use a little extra loving or cleaning up do not contact your local legislator.

    "People think they're doing themselves a favor by going to a legislator to help and by all means we like the support, but we're the people who have to do the work anyways so just call us," says Alan Kozucko.

    The DOT teams up with the Department of Corrections to put together groups of inmates to do daily litter pick-up along the interstates.

    Spot checks and frequent visits to "hot areas" are also done, but some areas may never be spotless due to weather conditions, mowing and other projects.

    Right now, the DOT also says they are under staffed by about 30 people in this region of the state.

    "It's very difficult to hire for us especially when the economy is good and in an urban area because there's a lot more choices," explains the SCDOT District One Maintenance Engineer.

    In addition to the efforts of transportation officials, Palmetto Pride, Keep The Midlands Beautiful and Sumter Litter Alliance are volunteer programs that pick-up litter at least four times a year.

    Griggs agrees its a team effort and wants everyone to do their part.

    "It's so easy to put a bag in your car to collect your trash and then put it in a trash can at a service station or wherever." she adds.

    Like a sign says, "Have Pride [in Columbia] Don't Litter."

    For more information about job openings with the South Carolina Department of Transportation: CLICK HERE!

    Also, if there's another road issue or even a construction zone that you would like WACH FOX NEWS to look into please reach out to Natalie Parsons via email ( and she will get to it.

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