HCS sends St. James Elementary School parents letter following mold concerns

    St. James Elementary School/WPDE

    Horry County School District officials sent a letter to St. James Elementary School parents Friday outlining the school's plan to address concerns over mold.

    The Horry County School District has scheduled an air quality re-test for Sunday, according to the letter obtained by ABC15 News. The results should be in within 7-10 days, the letter states. The full report is expected to be shared with parents and staff.

    Many parents have been concerned, some even keeping their children home because of mold.

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    In the lengthy letter sent, school officials re-cap what happened, what caused the mold, how the school was cleaned, health concerns, attendance and make-up information, as well as the next steps.

    "After receiving numerous calls and emails throughout the week, we hope the below information will assist in answering many of your questions and concerns regarding the recent air quality testing and remediation efforts," HCS Chief Officer for Support Services, Daryl Brown, said.

    The district has begun the process of hiring an engineer to look into efflorescence on campus.

    "Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit that occurs when water leaves behind salt deposits which are present on or in the masonry surface; this also does not present a health concern. It has a white or greyish tint and is left behind when water evaporates," the letter states.

    The district will continue to monitor the situation, including follow-up cleaning and several HEPA air scrubbers will be placed in the school.

    The letter also identifies some rumors and misinformation.

    "Testing results did NOT find Black Mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) present or amplified in the school by Palmetto EHS, LLC," the letter states.

    You can read the full letter here:

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