Storm damage not as bad as expected, but Five Points ready for flooding anytime


Five Points in Columbia prepared for the worst as the effects of tropical storm Irma swept into South Carolina Monday. But business owners and workers were grateful to return Tuesday to mostly undamaged buildings.

"I know Edible Arrangements was closed next door. The wind blew their sign down. It did get really windy yesterday," says Hannah Lee, store manager of Oops Co.

Other store managers say they had more of a problem from wind rather than heavy sustained rain. Five Points is a low point of the city, so managers are sure to keep certain items on hand.

"Every time it rains more than a drizzle, we get some form of water damage. Sandbags pretty much stay by the door 100 percent of the time ready to go," says Lee.

The area was fortunate the storm didn't cause a significant amount of damage. But businesses say they are prepared for flooding at any point in time.

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