Strong storms cause major damage throughout Palmetto State

Storm damage in Bear Creek. (Photo courtesy Tabetha Thoma)

SPARTANBURG, SC (WACH) ---What started as light rain throughout the Palmetto state quickly turned into tornado watches and warnings.

In the Midlands, it was mainly rain and high winds. But in the upstate people shared clips of the damage on social media. Debbie Price posted a video of one tree uprooted and then falling into a parking lot.

Justin O'Neal shared an of downed power lines and traffic on ii-85 in Spartanburg, police were there on the scene. Traci Talbot posted a pic from behind the burger king in Spartanburg County showing more trees snapped right in half.

A video published by Phillip Moss Jr. has already been shared thousands of times on Facebook and shows just how high those winds were. 18- wheeler trucks were turned over and a warehouse ruined in Spartanburg.

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