Students wear pink in support of kindergarten teacher battling cancer

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COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) --- It’s cancer awareness for Breenen Elementary School and with it comes a little fun and play. Teachers, staff, and students wore pink in support of one of their own. Kelly Painter, a staff member at the school, said the idea came to her after learning a kindergarten teacher Lauren Choate was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"We’ve had three teachers, two who have already won it and one who’s battling right now,” Painter said. “We started back in school, and Lauren started back with us and has been with us every day." Painter said Choate is going through chemo right now weekly.

Throughout the month kids and parents donated more than $5,000 to the school’s Walk For Life Campaign and school activities help bring awareness to children learning about cancer. “Lauren is one of the strongest women I have ever known,” Painter said. “And every single day she amazes me with her strength.”

Libby, Merritt, and Ellie said the kindergarten teacher is extremely nice and sweet to them. They’ve all shared special moments with their favorite teacher. Friday that mission will continue as they join others in a 5k walk supporting people battling the illness. The students said it feels good to help out.

“Everyone knows Ms. Choate,” Painter said. “So we’re hoping that everyone knows that by giving her all that love and support she’s able to continue to come back every single day with the smile on her face.

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