Tea protesters rally against Kagan nomination

Thursday the State House the backdrop for dozens of Columbia Tea Party protesters.

COLUMBIA (WACH ) -- Dozens of activists in the Capital City rallying against Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

"What we need to do is draw as much attention to her as possible," said Columbia Tea Party Allen Olsen. "Because she is in my opinion, a liberal activist that intends to legislate from the bench."

In May President Barack Obama nominated Solicitor General Kagan to the Supreme Court. The nomination has Tea Partiers like Allen Olsen letting off steam.

"She has been up there pretty much evading every single question on how she is going to legislate," said Olsen. "So we really don't know where she stands."

Thursday the Columbia Tea Party called on Senators Jim DeMint and Lindsay Graham to stand with them, in their anti-Kagan campaign.

"Lindsay Graham, although it's true he has consequences he needs to also realize who he works for and that's South Carolina," said Olsen.

"Folks not only in DC but also around the country are seeing that she would be a great choice to be the next justice," said Organizing for America, Field Director Byron Williams.

Wellman is an organizer for the Democratic Party. He's calling Kagan's nomination a win-win for the nation and the Palmetto State.

"We need more bipartisanship in Washington," said Wellman. "When we have bipartisanship we are able to get more things done and accomplish more; and in the end bring forth the best things in the best interest of the country."

In the end, both Byron Wellman and Allen Olsen say they want the newest member of the Supreme Court to appeal to both sides of the political aisle.

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