Thousands of workers in the Midlands feeling effects of government shutdown


COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)--The Government shutdown is over after Congress voted on a fix that will keep things running...for now. The shutdown lasted just three days, but it still leaves behind an impact here in The Midlands. It's possible we haven't seen the end yet.

The shutdown hit close to home for thousands of federal workers in the state. The SC National Guard, like many federal agencies, looked a lot emptier Monday.

"About 4,000 soldiers were scheduled for training. Based on guidance we got from Department of Defense and National Guard Bureau; About 2,200 of them were told to go home. The rest of them stayed on duty because they had required medical exams," says SC National Guard's Cynthia King.

Despite furloughs and delayed payments, there's no real potential for economic decline, according to Scott Adams, the director of Columbia International University's business school.

"Fortunately this shutdown coincided w record-setting economic growth fueld by the tax legislation so long term effects would have been less drastic than what we saw in before. There are government functions that continue--the postal service, military, TSA, functions that keep us safe and the economy going," says Adams.

He says resilience has prevented any real slowdown. But, this shutdown likely won't be the last.

"It's nothing we like to see happen...But that's the reality of the political times we live in. It's how budget is passed. We're either going to have an agreement on the budget and spending or the dreamers and DACA legislation or we're not. It is hard. These do impact the families," says Adams.

The lost payday will have to be made up later this year. The National Guard and other affected agencies are expected to get back to normal Tuesday.

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