Three sisters inspire others to use music to get through difficult times


COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- This afternoon Tin Roof and Music Farm in the Vista hosted the Freeway Music Festival.

One of the featured bands calls themselves "Triple the Trouble."

They're a group of three sisters (13, 12, and 9 years old). One plays guitar, one plays drums, and the other plays the bass while they each sing.

The band writes their own songs and focuses on overcoming obstacles and inspiring other young women.

However, their obstacles are unique to most young girls. The guitarist, 12-year-old Bryce Schottelkotte, has Juvenile Arthritis.

Bryce was diagnosed when she was just 18 months old and has had to endure Chemotherapy treatments since.

The girls' mom, Marti, says music helps them through difficult times, she says, "Music has been their soul. It's been a way to talk about their pain, their frustrations, their anger and their joy, and express it in a very constructive and beautiful way."

With the cost of medical treatments, it was becoming harder and harder to pay for music lessons so Freeway Music partnered with the Connor Foundation to pay for their lessons.

They call themselves the girl version of Hansen (90's boy band, in case you don't remember) and they want to produce albums and make this a career-- refusing to let anything stand in their way.

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