Toddler fighting disease gets financial support from community

A Sumter toddler fighting a rare disease got an entire city's support Saturday.

The family of two year old Olivia Williams hosted a yard sale and barbecue fundraiser. All of the items were donated by churches and other organizations.

Olivia was diagnosed with Thrombocytopenia Absent Radius Syndrome (TARS) when she was born. TARS is a rare disorder in which children diagnosed have trouble keeping platelets and also develop skeletal abnormalities. Olivia was born without an ulna and a radius; two bones in the forearm.

The family will be visiting doctors in Philadelphia to get more information on what procedures are available. In worst case, a bone marrow transplant may be needed.

Her father Jeff said the goal was $1,000, but totaled $5,200 thanks to the community.

"To see people come out the way that they have, and to volunteer their services for the ones helping us work this; it is incredible. We can't express our appreciation to the community and people that have been here for us."

Proceeds will go towards transportation, hotel, and food for the trip. The family will head to Philadelphia on Friday.

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