TrafficWACH: Lexington Main Street Road Changeover

Lexington Town (Lexington Police Department)

Lake Drive and Church Street has transitioned to one-way roadways to improve traffic flows in downtown Lexington as a part of the SC-6 One-Way Pair Project.

The changeover began 5 a.m. Saturday with traffic signals and signs in place to direct drivers to correct travels lanes.

The one-way roadways begin on South Lake Drive at Maiden Lane to North Church Street for the northbound traffic, and from North Church Street to Maiden Lane for the southbound traffic.

For southbound traffic on North Church Street, drivers can make a left on Maiden Lane or can continue southbound on South Church Street.

For northbound traffic on South Lake Drive, at the intersection of Main Street, drivers can continue straight on North Lake Drive or can turn right or left on Main Street.

Officers will be assisting traffic through the weekend and into early next week.

For more information about the SC-6 One-Way Pair Project click here.

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