Trump calls out Haley on Twitter, Haley gives Southern response

Nikki Haley responds to Donald Trump (Governor Haley's office, State of South Carolina)

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - GOP front-runner Donald Trump and Governor Nikki Haley got in a spat on Twitter, Tuesday.

Trump's campaign manager, Dan Scavino, tweeted out a video which he indicates that Haley flipped on her position on the necessity of candidates making their tax returns public.

In the video, Haley said those who asked Mitt Romney to show his tax returns were using it as a political ploy.

Then Haley, seen on stage with Marco Rubio, remarked that Trump should release his returns.

Following that tweet, Trump tweeted out that 'the people of South Carolina are embarrassed by Nikki Haley.

The response Haley gave Trump may not have been what he expected.

The governor simply responded 'Bless your heart'.

Trump is looking to add to his lead on Super Tuesday, while Haley is campaigning with Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

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